Blunt, SD

Lauing Ranch

Our goal is to produce top quality performance, using-type Quarter Horses for the ranch and the arena. We specialize in horses with good conformation with an emphasis on good feet, legs, athletic ability, good dispositions, and trainability.

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Quality Stallions

Lauing Ranch strives to breed horses with superior conformation, pedigree, athletic ability, and disposition that can do anything and look great doing it.

Beautiful Mares

Our mares produce colts that are athletic, quick learners, easy to train, and sound. They have all the bone and the muscle they need plus they also have the stamina, willingness and the ability to get the job done.

Horses for Sale

These horses are smooth moving across the pasture and quick on their feet in the arena. Horses raised here will do well anywhere.

Ranching Heritage Breeder

The historic Lauing Ranch in South Dakota, is proud to be an approved breeder in the new AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder program.

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About Lauing Quarter Horses


Grandpa Hank Lauing with his quarter horse stallion.

Marie Lauing horse back here at the ranch sometime in the 1920s.

Part of the Americas Horse publication in the Hitching Post section
Genie Lauing's Tweet of a photo by Shannon Stroman of the Lauing Ranch mares.


Summer 2014 Colorado wedding of Tanner and Jamie Lauing
with the Lauing Family


Lauing Ranch raised winning rope horse BLAZE

Pictured left to right:
Lathan Lauing, Brooks Tupy, Grandpa Bernie Lauing, Tristan Tupy, Tanner Lauing, Blaze, Levi Lauing and Tom Lauing.

Four generations of Lauing Boys. Great-grandpa Bernie Lauing, Shean Lauing holding Colter Lauing, Wyatt Lauing and Papa Denny Lauing.

Granddaughter Tatum Lauing
with Blaze
and instructor Carole Hollers.
2015 Clinic Jackpot Champ
Granddaughter Kaylie with Grandpa Bernie and Grandma Genie
2014 4-H Rodeo Jr Ambassador and best customer Kate with a Lauing Ranch
bred horse.
Another great customer and "up and coming" champ Lacey.


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